What documents do you need in order to apply for a replacement social security card? If you still have the old one, but it’s in bad shape, can you simply show it and get a replacement card? The answer to the last question is no, but what about the first question? Let’s get to the technical answer first, but there is a nice surprise waiting for you, too. It is much easier to apply for a new social security card than you might think.

Apply for a New Social Security Card Easy to Get

First, as for the documents you need, you will need picture identification. You will need this to prove who you are. There are different documents that are accepted, but a license is of course the main document. Then you need to prove citizenship and your age. Most people do this with a birth certificate, but there can be instances in which other documents are used.

Can you use your license and birth certificate?

If so, that will make things much easier on you. Those are the only two documents that are required. Now, there is a way that you can actually not have to worry about showing those documents in person or applying in person for that matter. What you can do is sign up for an account online with the social security administration and apply for a replacement card once you are signed up.


That sounds simple enough, right? As for qualifying to handle your replacement card that way, the Social Security Administration will walk you through it and let you know if you are eligible or not. Do you need to change your name? What about your social security number? If you do, that makes you ineligible for getting a replacement social security card online. Technically, you wouldn’t be getting a replacement card under those conditions but a new one.

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That doesn’t mean the process is complicated if you have to change your name or number. It is just a process that you have take care of in person, but that’s to be expected. If you just need a replacement card, however, you might be set to handle it all online. Check the list of states to see if you are eligible. You will still need your ID or license to verify your identity using the number, along with the issuance date and expiration date.

At least you don’t have to handle it all in person though. They will ask you questions that come from your credit report when you sign up for an online account. They will also make it mandatory for you to receive your annual social security benefit statements online. That sounds like a plan though, right?

Once you have registered for an account online, you are going to be asked to verify your account either by email or text message. I verified my account by text message, and I just did all of this today, too. It was quite easy, and I went ahead and applied for my replacement card. You could be doing the same thing right now. It won’t take long at all.

 Social Security Card

All you have to do is get started, and you will be done before you know it. You will have to wait for them to review your application. I can’t tell you how long that takes just yet because I just applied earlier this afternoon. So far, my application is still in review, but that is all a formality. Soon, I will receive the confirmation email that my application has been reviewed, and my social security card will be on the way. It should take much longer at all before I get that email, and I will have avoided going to the Social Security Administration Office.

Can you say the same thing?

Maybe you can handle your replacement card online, and then you can blog and let others know about it, too. Not everyone is aware that you can get a replacement social security card by applying online. Now you are though, and you are good to go. Fill out the registration form, verify your identity and apply for your replacement social security card. It’s as easy as it sounds, and it only takes minutes.

Apply for a new or replacement of Social Security Card at www.lostsscard.com