With over 10,000 bird species on the planet, it should not be too surprising to learn that bird watching, or birding, has become one of the most popular hobbies across the globe. Birds are often much easier to spot than other animals because they have brightly colored feathers. Birds are almost always present no matter where we may travel.

Just as there are resorts and hotels that stand out among tourists for their accommodations or amenities, there are also some destinations that are better for birding than others. The following are some of the most popular birding destinations around the world. Even though some destinations are easier to reach than others, every one of them promise to provide an unforgettable birding experience.

There have only been a small number of birders that have seen 8,000 of the 10,000 species.

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Cape May

It may be shocking to learn that one of the best sites for birding is located in one of the most compactly populated states in the United States. On the southern tip of New Jersey sits Cape May.

Cape May

This area has earned this distinction by being located in the middle of large path of migration for birds flying to and from the south during the change of seasons. While visiting this area, you will see a variety of birds including:


For the best birding, visit Cape May during the fall.

Manu National Park

There is over 15,000 km of pristine and gorgeous tropical forests that offer protection for a range of habitats, and over 1000 different species of birds that have helped Manu National Park make the list as a top birding destination.

Manu National Park

Even though a large portion of the park cannot be accessed, you can still see a variety of bird species while traveling along a road that from the heights of the tundra to the lowlands of the Amazon rain forest.


As a whole, Ecuador is considered to be the birding capital of the world. The western part of this area is especially primed for bird watching. However, there is a reason why this bird watchers flock to the Pichincha Ecuador Province.

The reserves are easily accessible and there is superb lodging for birders. This lodging also allows bird watchers the opportunity to access the stunning cloud forests with plenty of exquisite hummingbirds and glittering tanagers. And for the other birding you should find Find The Best Tours In Costa Rica

Kruger National Park

This game reserve offers grassland and Savannah habitats for over 400 bird species. The majority of these birds are very easy to see and you will be able to get an up close view of hundreds of birds including:

Martial Eagle

Southern Ground-Hornbill
You will also be able to study and marvel at the mammal species in the park as well. Some of the mammals you may see are:

African Elephants
White Rhinos (square-lipped)

There is not many things that brings as much satisfaction as watching an animal in its natural habitat, and birds are certainly no exception. If you are interested in finding the ultimate birding and vacationing spot, consider one of these locations. Know more about birding destinations at tiaratravelcostarica.com