When you are speaking of bulldogs, it is important to remember that bulldogs are not created equal. Despite what many people think, there are a variety of bulldog breeds. However, when most people hear the word ‘bulldog’, they automatically think about the image of a muscular, stout dog that has a wrinkled face.
But, do you really know the difference between an English bulldog, French bulldog or an American bulldog ?

Each one of these bulldogs not only look different, but they also have different histories and different temperaments. Even with these differences, there is one thing each bulldog breed has in common. These dogs’ ancestors were bred for bull baiting. This is the reason why each breed has the ‘bull’ designation attached to their names.

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of bulldogs.

The English Bulldog

This type of bulldog is also referred to as the British bulldog, or just bulldogs. After bull baiting became illegal in England, the bulldog was became a shorter version of its ancestors. It was not that long after that this became the expected look of this breed.

The English bulldog hands a unique stature. It is considered a medium-sized dog, and typically weighs between 30 and 50 pounds. With its short head, wrinkled face, smooth coat and sturdy gait, the English bulldog has a typical shuffling gait that is synonymous with the breed.

Another unique aspect of the English bulldog is that it has a very short face, with a large nose with very wide nostrils.

When it comes to personality, this breed of bulldog is very courageous, kind and passive. However, it is not considered an aggressive breed. Unfortunately, they are known to have numerous health issues, and are known to have short lifespans.

The French Bulldog

As the name suggests, the French bulldog was first bred in France by mixing the bulldog with the toy bulldogs. The toy bulldogs are now extinct. This breed was bred with other unknown breeds, and this is what is thought to have created the French bulldog’s signature ‘bat ears’. This is a physical trait that is not seen in the English bulldog.

This breed is also a muscular dog that has heavy bones and is very compact. It also appears to be alert, and this is due to its upright and large ears. Because of its small stature, the French bulldog typically does not weigh over 30 pounds.

The French bulldog is very affectionate, and can be playful and active, while not being very boisterous.

The American Bulldog

When bull baiting became illegal, the popular working bulldog was replaced with a breed that is not only shorter, but is also less active. In fact, the new breed closely resembled the version of the English bulldog that we are familiar with today.

This type of bulldog can vary in appearance and can look very different from English bulldogs. Some are more athletic and have longer muzzles and lighter bones, while others are considered bulky and have a more pronounced underbite. Read some  Reasons Why You Should Buy A Dog From A Breeder .

If you are looking to add this furry friend to your family, you should understand the different breeds of bulldogs. When you are familiar with temperaments, health problems and other specific information, you will be able to make an informed decision. Check out the english puppies for sale .