Overhead costs for dentists continue to increase and cut into profits. This means that your marketing will need to be effective, so you can keep the doors to your dental clinic open. Each year, dentists across the country spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising in an effort to continually grow their businesses and attract new clients.

Fortunately, there are a few easy techniques that you can implement to help increase your response rate, as well as ratios for patient conversions. These techniques will allow you to get a significantly higher return on all of your advertising methods including postcards, brochures and other materials.

Stay Focused On Perspective Patients

All of your marketing methods like white label seo should focus on the ‘hot button’ issues that your patients may have. This means that you will need to be concerned about the same things that are concerned about when it comes to dental care.
For example, what is important to them when they are choosing a dentist? Some of these issues may be:

• The amount of pain they may feel during their dental procedure
• How long they will have to wait to be seen
• What type of results will they receive?

This means that you will need to direct your marketing efforts as answers to these concerns. The marketing copies you use should address the issues instead of simply listing all of the services you offer. An excellent rule of thumb to remember is that the word ‘you’ should be used twice as much as the word ‘we’.

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Never Use Your Name At The Beginning Of Any Ad

What does this mean? The most essential piece of any marketing copy is the headline. This is what grabs your readers attention. Unless you have a big corporation, the name and logo of your practice will not matter to your readers. It also will not attract any new clients to your dental practice.

You will need to use those hot buttons to create attention grabbing headlines, so they will want to continue reading and learn more about how you can help them.

Give Them A Risk-Free Option

When a prospective patient sees your ad, the best thing that you can do is absolutely nothing. In the marketing material, you should include a risk-free offer that will entice people to contact you. You can provide them a free guide or report that will educate them.
You can also choose to offer them a discount on their first teeth cleaning with your clinic or some other type of services.

Always Add A P.S.

Although the headline is an important piece of your letter, many of your readers will skim down to read the P.S. at the bottom. This is why the P.S. you include should be a CTA (call to action).

Keep in mind that consumers need to see an advertisement at least seven times before they make a purchase. This will also apply to your business. You should market frequently and consistently to the same audience.