Frizzy hair does not have many attributes to it except ?” well, frizziness. If you are plagued with frizzy hair no matter what you try, invest in a good smoothing serum. Which is the best serum for taming frizzy hair? It depends on the type of hair you have naturally. Here are some tips to help you find the right anti-frizz serum for you and to help you tame that frizz once and for all.

Buy Good Quality Serum

The first thing you want to do before going out and buying any good quality serum is observe your hair-care regimen. Frizzy hair is dry hair. It needs moisture but shampooing your hair every day can strip the hair of the moisture it needs. Switch to shampooing your hair using a shampoo that does not contain over-drying sulfates. Use it two or three times a week at the most.

You may also want to try using plain conditioner a few times a week in place of shampoo. It will clean your hair without stripping it, especially if it contains smoothing ingredients like keratin. When you finish washing and conditioning your hair, make sure to apply the smoothing serum of your choice while your hair is damp.

Look For Top Smoothing Serums

You will probably want to experiment with the top smoothing serums available. It can take time to find the product that works best for you. If your hair is usually dry and your frizz is not just from extreme humidity, you want to use products that contain Argan oil.

Coconut oil is a perfect ingredient in serums for all hair types. If your hair has been damaged by over-processing or heated styling tools look for Macadamia oil. If your scalp tends to be dry, try a serum with almond oil in it.

Use Hair Mask

While you work to experiment with the best smoothing serum for your hair, also start using a hair mask at least once a week. These contain fatty acids that help hair lock in moisture. Some of them you can leave in your hair overnight so that you wake up with smoother, shinier hair.

When you find the serum that is best for you, avoid applying it to the roots of your hair because that can cause them to become oily. You want to place a small amount in between your palms and rub to gently warm the serum before applying it from the middle of the hair to the ends.

Use HeadStyling Tools

You may use a heated styling tool after doing this. The heat will help seal up the hair cuticles. This is another key to keeping frizz under control.

Another tip is to keep a travel size of your favorite serum with you wherever you go in your purse. This way if you get caught in a rain shower or the humidity spikes you are prepared. There are many top serums that fight frizz, and you can easily find the one that works best for you with these tips. Find more information at