Search engine marketing is an important part of growing any website. It is important to understand that search engine marketing takes a multi-pronged approach. SEO relies on organic traffic – people who type in longer, more complex queries and see your site in the main search results pages.

Paid Search

Paid search, on the other hand, relies on the top sponsored results – the ones that you pay to appear in. You would normally use more specific keywords for paid search – things that have a very high searcher intent.

In addition to trying to appear in paid search and the top search results, there are some other areas that you can work on with marketing. You can push to have your site appear in the “answer cards”, and you can use rich snippets to have images, review stars, click to call, and other information appear by your search results. Using these tactics is highly efficient, and it can make a big difference to how your site performs. Results with rich snippets see click through rates that are much higher than plain results, for example.

Video And Image Search

Video search and image search are becoming increasingly important for marketers as well. This is especially true in the fashion industry, and in other industries with inspirational products to sell. It makes sense to try to attract the attention of the searcher using their preferred medium – and for people who are looking to buy things, images are a good way to reach them.

Search engine marketing requires patience and extensive testing. It helps if you can use all the different types of search, and the tools at your disposal. If you rely entirely on, say, organic search, then you could run into trouble if your website were to get hit by an algorithmic penalty. If you rely on paid search then your traffic is in a precarious position and if the cost per click in your niche increased then you would struggle to keep your site’s traffic going. Just as with the stock market, or with any other business, it makes sense to have a diverse portfolio.

SEO Strategies

Good SEO strategies start with having a smooth, efficient website that loads quickly and that looks good to the end user. You need to work to ensure that your site is stable, mobile friendly, and contains good content that is relevant to whatever you are trying to rank for. If you have all of that in place, then sustaining good rankings should be possible, and getting traffic from paid search need not cost the earth. What’s more, that traffic should convert well, too.

SEO Principles

If you’re not confident in SEO principles, then it is worth paying an expert to audit your site. Rankings can make or break modern websites, and they are something that everyone should pay attention to. Do not take chances with your SEO efforts. Shy away from ‘black hat’ techniques, because these could be highly damaging to your site’s long term performance. For detail information visit