For many people the taste of groundwater is far superior to that of the water which naturally from the sky in the form of rain. the reason for this is that as water seeps into the ground minerals such as calcium and magnesium and other trace elements. However, this great taste can come at a price. Those using this so called ‘hard water’ may experience enormous problems with their plumbing systems. But it’s not only plumbing systems that can fall prey to problems such as lime scale buildup – the use of hard water can also cause other problems such as dry skin and scalp.

Portable Water Softening Systems

The good news is that there are water softening systems that can make this problem a thing of the past. many of these systems are perfect for home use, but there are also portable water softening systems that are just as effective.

These portable water softening systems are perfect for those who are exploring the highways and byways of a country using RV’s. It is these people who will be exposed to various types of hard water when they stop over at rest stops and camping grounds.

So for these travelers a portable water softener is a great investment. However, as is usual in this modern day and age of retail convenience the choices of which water softener to buy can be confusing.

Here Are Some Of The Best As Rated By Users

The Watts PRO-1000 has consistently scored at the top of the charts as far as portable water softeners are concerned. It’s incredibly easy to install and extremely easy to use. it’s a bit bulkier than some of its competitors – but not unmanageable. As a bonus it sues ordinary table salt so users will not have to spend extra on specialized softener salt.

Another great choice for RV owners, or even those who run a boat on a regular basis is the PPWS16 Portable water softener. One again this is a unit that runs of simple table salt and it can produce 2000 gallons of water before it needs to be charged up – making it incredibly efficient. It even has built in handle so that it can easily be moved from location to location. Very compact design makes ideal for smaller spaces such as in an RV.

Another easily portable option is the On The Go OTG4 StdSoft Portable water softener. Once again it uses normal table salt which is easy to get no matter where you are. It can supply great tasting water for up to 20 days before it requires regenerating. It takes only minutes to set up and start working.

The DI-120 CR Spotless system is a bit different in that has been designed specifically for washing down cars and other vehicles. It removes water impurities so that the end result is s pot free finish be it to a motor vehicle, boat, bike or even the windows of your home.

No matter what your requirements there is a portable water softener that will meet and exceed your expectations. To know more contact us or visit the website