If you are experiencing is significant amount of the lower back pain, many people will recommend a pain patch. However, there are others that will tell you to go to the doctor to get a prescription for opiates. One of the best is called Percocet, an opioid that is able to reduce the pain that you are feeling by augmenting the way that the brain processes pain. Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each one, and decide which pain reliever is going to be best for your situation.

Pain Patches

Pros And Cons Of These Pain Relief Alternatives

The benefits of using a pain patch is that you can direct the patch to the exact spot that you are experiencing the pain. Additionally, these typically use some form of analgesic which is not going to have an opioid induced effect. Many people do not like how lightheaded they feel after taking opiates, and therefore this might be the better choice. The problem with this particular solution is that the pain relief is going to be minimal in comparison to an opioid. The benefits of using Percocet is that it can help you reduce the pain you are feeling almost immediately, but it’s not addressing the actual issue. Through proper stretching, changing your routines, and also applying heat to the area that is inflamed, you might actually get better results with an analgesic pain patch that will also induce heat over the muscles that are affected.

How To Make The Right Choice

If you have medical insurance, and the pain you are feeling is not directly related to your muscles, Percocet would probably be the best choice. However, if this is specifically a muscular issue due to your posture while sitting, or because of the type of items that you are lifting on a daily basis, you should use Pain patches for lower back as well as upper back instead. Hopefully this will give you a better idea as to which pain relief solution will work best for your situation.