A lush green lawn is not easy to maintain. It requires basic care from time to time to keep the lawn in peak condition. There are many things that you need to do in order to maintain the lawn in peak condition at all times. Here are the basic lawn care tips for your lawn in Ohio.

Growing Grass

Compacted grass won’t grow well. That is because water, air, and essential nutrients don’t reach the roots of the grass under such circumstances. It can lead to mud patches in winter and bare patches in summer months. That is where you need to aerate the soil. Aeration help relieves the compaction of the soil. Push a garden fork about 10 cm deep into the soil every 10 cm. This will help loosen the compacted soil and aerate it effectively. Aeration helps the roots to breathe and regrow over time.

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Proper Feeding

Feeding is an essential task to grow a lush green lawn. If you have a large lawn to maintain, you should consider investing in a wheeled lawn feeder for fast and accurate feeding of the lawn. Apply fertilizer to the grass when it is about to rain. That way the fertilizer will get washed down the roots and stop it from burning the grass blades. If there is no rain, you should water the fertilizer so that it gets into the grass roots. Your grass will look greener within a couple of weeks if you do so. These are important lawn care basics to follow in order to maintain a lush green lawn at all times.

You may consider hiring a professional west chester yard services for the task. Make sure you do the research properly before doing so. The above read offers information on basic lawn care tips in Ohio.