If you have noticed that your hair is not looking as good as it once did, it’s probably because you have several problems. This could be a buildup of oil, not using the right conditioner, or it could be a genetic factor. There are ways to solve many problems when it comes to hair that is not shiny. If you want to use very simple and affordable strategies, here are the ones you should consider using on how to get glossier hair fast.

What Is Glossy Hair?

Some people might refer to this type of hair as being shiny. Others will simply refer to it as glossy. It is hair that is going to stand out because of how people will see it shine. It will catch the light just right, sometimes making it look much more full than it is. This is very different from having greasy hair. When your hair is greasy, this simply means that you are not washing it. It will make it less bouncy, and may even begin to fall flat on your head because of the weight of the oil that has built up. What you are looking for with glossy hair is hair that is clean, bouncy, and shiny for other reasons.

Get Rid Of Excess Oil

The first step to this process is to remove any excess oil, and that also includes any dandruff that you have. You may want to consider washing your hair and then spring apple cider vinegar into your hair. The proper combination is one cup of water for every 2 tablespoons of the vinegar. It is going to have a very distinctive odor, so it is recommended that you do this in the evening, or wash your hair once again after the treatment. It’s actually recommended that you wash your hair directly after applying this spray because it will automatically break down the oil. This will help you remove the excess oil from the shaft of your hair. It can also help with eliminating dead skin cells or dandruff that is on your scalp. Once that is done, you will then want to do the next step of the process which involves using something called organo- oil.

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Apply Argan Oil

This is a type of oil that originates out of Morocco. It is used because it will not clog your pores. Even more important, once it gets onto the hair, your hair will look much more healthy. It can also help strengthen your hair, and it will not block the pores in your scalp. It is this combination of factors that leads many people to using this treatment, sometimes leaving it in their hair for up to an hour. It’s usually less than that, so it depends on what the instructions say with the product that you purchase. By doing this treatment every week, you are going to notice a definitive change in how your hair looks and bounces. Some people might wonder why you should add oil back on your hair after you just removed it with the apple cider vinegar. That’s because it’s a different type of oil. This is beneficial, and can help improve its overall appearance.

Apply Argan Oil

It will probably take a couple treatments to fully remove all of the oil from your hair and scalp, and then add the argan oil right after. If you do this every week, people will wonder if you are going to a very expensive beauty salon, but you are actually doing this yourself. You can also use Three Squares Soil – Hair Oil for quick results. It is a very inexpensive process. You can do this regardless of the type of budget you are on. However, it’s going to look like you are spending thousands of dollars every year on your hair because it will look that good.