Lower back pain, also known as lumbago, is one of the most common health concerns that cause people to visit an emergency room. Pain on the left side of the lower back is considered to be more common than pain experienced on the right side. Typically lower back pain will be experienced below the rib cage and above the hip, and pain may be felt as intense heat or intense cold, sometimes radiating down the leg all the way to the foot. Lower back pain on the left is not considered to be too serious unless it becomes persistent over a period of six weeks or more. When there is no improvement and the pain gets worse, it can turn into chronic lower back pain.

Try Physical Activities in Your Home

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When you suddenly experience left lower back pain you may feel that it is better to refrain from physical activity until the pain subsides. However, this may not always be the best solution since you may lose flexibility and strength in the lower back. Instead, try to maintain normal physical activity while avoiding strenuous exercise and sudden movements that could aggravate the pain. To relieve the pain apply ice packs for 15 minutes up to five times a day to reduce swelling, inflammation, and soreness. It also helps to sleep on your left side with a pillow between your knees.

The main symptoms of left lower back pain are:

– Pain radiating from the lower back to the neck pain or hips that is intermittent or continuous
– Pain that presents as a shooting pain, a dull ache, or a stabbing pain
– The affected area is tender to touch
– Pain is aggravated by movement
– Trouble standing upright
– Muscle spasms
– Sharp shooting pains from the lower back down the leg to the ankle or foot

Causes of left lower back pain are numerous and should be checked out by a doctor if it is persistent. Some of the most common causes are:

– Muscle strain
– Sciatica or a herniated disc
– Pregnancy
– Kidney stones and other urinary tract issues
– Digestive problems or Diverticulitis
– Poor Posture
– Obesity
– Spinal Stenosis

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