When you lose your Social Security card, there is a simple process that has been set up so that you can get your card as soon as possible. What many people do not realize is that you can also get a temporary Social Security card that will provide you with the same information. For example, when you go to the website, and you have placed your order for one, while you are waiting, you can print out one that is on the web. It is also possible for you to go to the main office, and have one printed out for you.

Why Would You Need To Do This?

This is only possible if you are not making any changes to the actual Social Security card. For example, when people go into change their name, address, or any other information about themselves, the printout is not going to be valid. If you are simply going in because you have lost yours, and the printout that they provide you is going to be valid based upon your current information. It is better to go to the actual office to have the printout. That way, it will be on official documentation. You may need this if you are applying for a job, or some type of a loan, and this is going to help you get those things done even if you do not have your existing card.

How Long Will It Take Them To Printed Out For You?

Once you have provided information identifying yourself to the people at the Social Security Administration, they will then be able to verify that it is you. Once the verification process is over, it will take them a few minutes, and your of your Social Security card will be printed out. This is just as valid as the one that you are currently reordering. It is something that you may need to copy if you are submitting information that requires your Social Security card and not just the number itself.

What Type Of Information Will You Need To Provide To Prove It Is You?

To prove it is you, they typically only need your drivers license. However, you may be asked to bring your birth certificate or your passport. Most people will have a drivers license, and obtaining a birth certificate is as simple as going down to the local courthouse to purchase a copy of one.

If you do not need to print out your Social Security card, and you just need the number, you may want to do this just so that you have it. Most people carry this in their purse or wallet as it is a form of identification. You may have gone to a company before that has requested it, and because you did not have it, they will wait until you can produce this documentation. Regardless of the reason, it is very easy to get a copy of your current Social Security card to get new social security card by visiting one of the local Social Security offices.