Ohio yards spend much of their time completely covered in snow. So with that in mind, it’s important to do all you can during the warmer, dryer months to make sure the lawn can look its best all year around. With a few simple preparations, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Here are some basic lebanon lawn care tips:

1 – Watering

With regular watering of your lawn, it will remain as full and healthy as can be. You need to utilize a dedicated irrigation system for the best results. Set it to turn on early in the mornings so that the water will have time to filter through and produce the most nutrients throughout each day. It also needs to run deep throughout the lawn, with enough power to make sure it provides enough coverage.

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2 – Start Right After The Final Frost

Check the weather reports regularly so that you’re aware of when the year’s final frost takes place. You can then begin working on your yard full-stop from there. Clear off all of the remnants from the cold weather (i.e. debris, dead leaves, and so on) so that you can start the rejuvenation process of the grass underneath. If you act quickly enough, you’ll have the best looking yard on the block in no time.

3 – Shovel Snow Regularly

When it comes to the actual snowy months of the year, you need to shovel it regularly. This will help prevent too much dangerous accumulation of precipitation and any trapped debris. You’ll secure safer paths for yourself while also keeping the lawn healthy as possible. While making this a regular habitat can be a bit trying, it’s ultimately for the best if you really care about how nice your yard looks throughout the year.