Scott Keever Change of Address Specialist as A Digital Nomad

Life of the Moving Entrepreneur

Scott Keever is an avid traveler and has lived around the world. Being a digital nomad means working from anywhere in the world. Being able to work from any place in the world enables great flexibility when it comes to your home address. Needing to change your address so often can be a huge hassle and often make it hard for your friends and loved ones to locate you.

We decided to ask Scott what is like to be a digital nomad And he gave us the scoop on both the good, the bad, and ideas about the best way to stay on the rest of the world.

Digital Nomad Benefits

Adaptive hours

I am A complete time stay at home dad and that I need the flexibility to operate at odd hours. There is no way I might be the daddy I am now while holding down a regular 9-5 job. I did that if our child was a baby and we didn’t like it. Life was too harried and our kid was spending nearly 50 hours/week with strangers. I could be a dad and operate when the child is asleep or when the Mrs. is home from her job.

Avoiding Traffic

I Hate traffic jams using a passion. Doesn’t everybody? I spent 1-2 hours commuting each day once I was working full time. It was a huge waste of time and it drove me nuts. It is just a terrible way to spend your valuable and limited time in the world. We can see the freeway out of our condo and I’m thankful every day I don’t have to be stuck inside that temper-inducing mess.

Flexible vacation

We’re starting to travel again because our kids are nearly 8 years of age. The wife needed to attend a two week training program so we flew down to visit my brothers in California while she was gone. I am planning to travel more next year and it’s good to do it without needing to coordinate schedules with other colleagues. I can wait for a good deal on air fares and don’t need to worry about any conflicts since I can work from anywhere. In a couple of decades, we’ll have the ability to go to Thailand for a few months without even breaking stride with blogging.

Pick your workplace address

Another Thing I didn’t like about my previous job was the cubicle. The grey wall was really depressing and it just ground me down. Now I work at my home office, coffee shops, libraries, and where I can get an online connection.


Being a digital nomad is all about packaging your whole lifetime in a backpack and Proceed to your destination. However, not everything is packable. Having someone to travel with you is rather hard. Even other electronic nomads you meet on the way have their own itineraries, moving in their own pace. Also, each time you travel, you reside life there. Individuals with a settled lifestyle find it a lot easier to have companions. Before packing your life in your backpack, consider the fact that you risk losing everything you have assembled during your stay over and over again.

You Get Left Behind As Life Moves On

The very best part of living that the 9-5 job is that the stability it offers. Such Men and Women Get to move on as the days pass. They get families; they establish virtually permanent relationships or attachments and have to enjoy having friends and family members around them. When you put out as a digital nomad, perhaps you should bid farewell to the home parties, birthdays, road trips, and the company of your loved your ones. The ones that you left behind proceed with you, leaving you behind.

So how can Scott Keever change locations so frequently Without missing any important mail?

Temporary Change of Address
Present address to some other location for a brief period. In this time, in case you opt to use your new mailing address for the long run, you should manually upgrade senders as you view email with a yellow forwarding label arrive.

Permanent Postal Address

Not planning on staying in one place for a while or don’t Need the hassle of numerous change of address types? Relax. Once you set up a mailbox with a virtual mail company, it is yours. Significant mail will likely be sent to a permanent address,no matter where your plans require you.

Online Mail Services

Do not worry about time zones, airplane schedules or spotty Wi-Fi; Virtual Mail providers has all the options you Want to efficiently manage Your email on your schedule, wherever you are.

Microprocessor Vs. FPGA – Which One Is Better?

Microprocessor Vs. FPGA – Which One Is Better?

Choosing the best components for your systems involves thoughtful research and a perfect knowledge of everything these components can or can’t achieve. Your choice will determine the overall performance of the system, its strengths and its weaknesses, as well as its security. In case you make the wrong choice, your system may be less secure than needed, hence exposing your network to cyber-theft attempts. Hackers are always up-to-date with all weaknesses of specific components, so they are able to find security breaches to take advantage of, stealing your data or messing up with your network. As all these can result in important losses, it comes without saying that you have to know your systems and your applications very well, in order to be able to choose the right solutions to make everything functional and secure.

Level Of Security

This leads to the question whether a microprocessor is better than an FPGA. As you can easily imagine, there’s no straight answer to this question. The best answer one could give you is that it depends on several factors. The most important factor is the security level required by your applications. In case of cryptographic applications, for instance, security is extremely important. It matters more to have a perfectly secure system than to have a very fast one. This means you have to choose security over speed. The conclusion is that your best choice would be the one that would offer you the best level of security.

FPGA Boards

In other situations, you may need your system to be as fast as possible. You may not even care too much about security, as you know you won’t be handling confidential information and sensitive data. If speed is the most important feature, you need to choose the fastest components you can. Always keep in mind that a system is as fast as its slowest component. If an FPGA proves to be faster than a microprocessor, that’s what you should choose for the architecture of your IT system. If, on the contrary, you find out that a microprocessor would provide you a little speed boost, you should choose it by all means.

In order to make your choice easier, you should know very well what problems can be solved by FPGA boards, and decide whether this is what you need for your system. In some cases, you may want to opt for a microprocessor, but you’ll always need to do your best to make an informed choice. Picking one of the two at random will only give you headaches later on.

As you can see, deciding whether a microprocessor is better than an FPGA Directics is a matter of defining your priorities. Once you know what features you need your system to have, you can go ahead and compare the two options. If you don’t know how to do this type of benchmark testing the proper way, you may want to hire an expert in electronic systems, FPGA boards and microprocessors to help you create the ideal system to serve your goals.

Can You Get A Temporary Social Security Card Or Not?

When you lose your Social Security card, there is a simple process that has been set up so that you can get your card as soon as possible. What many people do not realize is that you can also get a temporary Social Security card that will provide you with the same information. For example, when you go to the website, and you have placed your order for one, while you are waiting, you can print out one that is on the web. It is also possible for you to go to the main office, and have one printed out for you.

Why Would You Need To Do This?

This is only possible if you are not making any changes to the actual Social Security card. For example, when people go into change their name, address, or any other information about themselves, the printout is not going to be valid. If you are simply going in because you have lost yours, and the printout that they provide you is going to be valid based upon your current information. It is better to go to the actual office to have the printout. That way, it will be on official documentation. You may need this if you are applying for a job, or some type of a loan, and this is going to help you get those things done even if you do not have your existing card.

How Long Will It Take Them To Printed Out For You?

Once you have provided information identifying yourself to the people at the Social Security Administration, they will then be able to verify that it is you. Once the verification process is over, it will take them a few minutes, and your of your Social Security card will be printed out. This is just as valid as the one that you are currently reordering. It is something that you may need to copy if you are submitting information that requires your Social Security card and not just the number itself.

What Type Of Information Will You Need To Provide To Prove It Is You?

To prove it is you, they typically only need your drivers license. However, you may be asked to bring your birth certificate or your passport. Most people will have a drivers license, and obtaining a birth certificate is as simple as going down to the local courthouse to purchase a copy of one.

If you do not need to print out your Social Security card, and you just need the number, you may want to do this just so that you have it. Most people carry this in their purse or wallet as it is a form of identification. You may have gone to a company before that has requested it, and because you did not have it, they will wait until you can produce this documentation. Regardless of the reason, it is very easy to get a copy of your current Social Security card to get new social security card by visiting one of the local Social Security offices.

Five Truths Men With Patchy Beards Need To Face

Genetics can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Most men would love to have a full, luxurious beard. In reality, that is a privilege that very few actually get to experience. Many of you are cursed with a patchy beard. No matter what you do, you’re always going to have bare spots.

If you’re the sad owner of a patchy beard, then hear are 5 truths that you need to come to terms with:

1. Patchy Beards Don’t Say Anything About Your Manhood

There are a lot of men who are insecure about themselves due to patchy facial hair. They’ve convinced themselves that not growing a full beard is an indictment on their “manhood.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. You are no more or less a man because of your ability to grow facial hair. It’s just the luck of the draw, and says nothing about who you are as a person.

2. You Still Need To Shave That Beard

While you don’t have to be ashamed of how much facial hair you grow, you’re here because you want to be well groomed. With that in mind, you’re going to want to shave those patches away.

A patchy beard does not give off a clean look in any situation. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have options. Depending on how your hair grows in, you may be able to style something like a goatee or chinstrap. Worst case? You may be able to keep a basic mustache.

3. Easier Maintenance Can Work In Your Favor

With the simpler styles mentioned above, or just a clean shaven look, you’re going to be blessed with a very easy trimming/shaving routine. Instead of having to shape a full beard, or worrying about trimming to the right length, you’re going to have a routine that can be handled in under ten minutes per day.

4. Plenty Of Women (And Men) Like A Clean Shaven Look

Insecurity and unhappiness that comes with patchy facial hair usually centers around a man’s romantic aspirations. Here’s the good news: it isn’t so much about what you have for facial hair. What really matters is how you wear it.

No matter what look you end up going with, the success of your facial hair routine with women or men is going to come down to your confidence. Wear your look well, and partners will still flock to you.

5. You Have Nothing To Worry About

When all is said and done, your ability to grow facial hair is not something to spend a lot of time worrying about. You can’t (currently) control your genetics, so you’re better off worrying about the things that you can handle.

You’re not less of a man for not having a beard. You’re lucky in that you won’t have to worry as much about maintaining your facial hair. You’re still going to be able to attract romantic partners.

These truths are something to take and internalize for a little while today. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to move on and build a grooming routine that does not include a patchy beard. To know more contact us or visit the website at

Portable Water Softeners – Some Of The Best

For many people the taste of groundwater is far superior to that of the water which naturally from the sky in the form of rain. the reason for this is that as water seeps into the ground minerals such as calcium and magnesium and other trace elements. However, this great taste can come at a price. Those using this so called ‘hard water’ may experience enormous problems with their plumbing systems. But it’s not only plumbing systems that can fall prey to problems such as lime scale buildup – the use of hard water can also cause other problems such as dry skin and scalp.

Portable Water Softening Systems

The good news is that there are water softening systems that can make this problem a thing of the past. many of these systems are perfect for home use, but there are also portable water softening systems that are just as effective.

These portable water softening systems are perfect for those who are exploring the highways and byways of a country using RV’s. It is these people who will be exposed to various types of hard water when they stop over at rest stops and camping grounds.

So for these travelers a portable water softener is a great investment. However, as is usual in this modern day and age of retail convenience the choices of which water softener to buy can be confusing.

Here Are Some Of The Best As Rated By Users

The Watts PRO-1000 has consistently scored at the top of the charts as far as portable water softeners are concerned. It’s incredibly easy to install and extremely easy to use. it’s a bit bulkier than some of its competitors – but not unmanageable. As a bonus it sues ordinary table salt so users will not have to spend extra on specialized softener salt.

Another great choice for RV owners, or even those who run a boat on a regular basis is the PPWS16 Portable water softener. One again this is a unit that runs of simple table salt and it can produce 2000 gallons of water before it needs to be charged up – making it incredibly efficient. It even has built in handle so that it can easily be moved from location to location. Very compact design makes ideal for smaller spaces such as in an RV.

Another easily portable option is the On The Go OTG4 StdSoft Portable water softener. Once again it uses normal table salt which is easy to get no matter where you are. It can supply great tasting water for up to 20 days before it requires regenerating. It takes only minutes to set up and start working.

The DI-120 CR Spotless system is a bit different in that has been designed specifically for washing down cars and other vehicles. It removes water impurities so that the end result is s pot free finish be it to a motor vehicle, boat, bike or even the windows of your home.

No matter what your requirements there is a portable water softener that will meet and exceed your expectations. To know more contact us or visit the website